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Contact details

Tel: 03 9655 4804/4801
Fax: 03 9654 3385
Post: PO Box 2752, Melbourne, Victoria 3001
Street: Level 5 - 478 Albert Street, East Melbourne, Victoria 3002
Online Ordering/Website:www.vetpublish.com.au

Book prices and availability

Prices shown on our website and in other literature produced by VETASSESS Publishing Services are recommended and are subject to change without notice. No further discounts are provided.

Prices listed are; in Australian dollars, inclusive of GST and exclusive of delivery/freight charges. All items listed should be currently available; however, slight discrepancies may arise occasionally between product flyers, order forms and other marketing information.

Materials can generally be supplied within 5 - 10 working days depending on the quantity of the order and the delivery location.


Orders should be sent on a VETASSESS Publishing Services order form where possible and should include the VETASSESS code for each title.

Credit card orders can be placed online at www.vetpublish.com.au. Orders may placed by fax, email or post. Telephone orders are not accepted.

All orders must include payment information; an official purchase order, credit card details (Bankcard, Visa or Mastercard) or money order/cheque.

Quotations and cancellations

Quotations may be generated online at www.vetpublish.com.au or requested by emailing publishing@vetassess.com.au. Once placed, all orders are firm. As VETASSESS Publishing Services uses a print on demand service, a charge of $20.00 for administration, handling and storage or 25% of the invoiced value of the books (whichever is the greater) will be charged on any cancellation.


Returns will be accepted on the following basis:
  1. A pplication is made to VETASSESS Publishing Services for approval to return within 7 days of receipt of products. This may be done by fax or email. Goods returned without prior written approval from VETASSESS Publishing Services may not be accepted.

  2. Where VETASSESS Publishing Services has sent incorrect, damaged or faulty products, we will gladly accept the return at our expense, via a VETASSESS Publishing Services nominated carrier, and credit the return at its full invoiced price. VETASSESS Publishing Services should be notified of such requests as soon as possible after detection.

  3. Where the customer has ordered the incorrect material, it may be returned at the client's expense and, on receipt in a condition suitable for resale, a credit will be processed for the invoiced value of the stock returned, less a $20.00 charge for administration, handling and storage, or 25% of the invoiced value of the books returned (whichever is the greater).

  4. Returns due to incorrect customer ordering must be advised within 7 days of receipt of the products and the return must be effected within 21 days of receipt.

Payment term

The payment term is strictly 14 days. For further information regarding payments call us on 03 9655 4804/4801 or email publishing@vetassess.com.au.

VETASSESS Publishing Services reserves the right to change these terms without notice.


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